Superfood Creations

Superfood experience led by Francesca Gelatini

We will transform superfoods and turn them into delicious and healthy desserts in this 100% hands-on experience.



Just a few words. “Exciting”. To be repeated. (Alessandra)


I liked the concentrated and productive atmosphere, the silence and the attention the children worked with. The combination between reading and a practical activity gave the children the opportunity to create something for themselves and their families. (Elisa, mamma di Nicolò)


Together, we will prepare vegan, sugar and gluten free and organic superfood dishes. We will create delicacies such as dark chocolate truffles and buckeyes, no-bake brownies, berry muffins, wild berry parfaits, fruit skewers and mango hedgehogs.


FrancescaGFRANCESCA GELATINI has been organising and leading international events for more than 30 years. In Sussex since 2013, she has deepened her skills and love for healthy food passionately working at the Trefoil Montessori Farm School and Standen Barn Café (National Trust).


Please contact us to book your Superfood experience!

Tel. + 39 328 098 1094       

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